Melbourne Royal 2011

We've had Nike (Aus Ch. Ausvarg DragonValcore) visiting for the week leading up to the Royal. Nike fit in just as i expected he would, loving cuddles, treats and especially rough-housing with Dolce. They all happily hopped into the new trailer on Monday morning for the trip over the border. We stayed with Jacqualine Lincoln of Armahani and the Lappies: Kulta, Emmi, Louis and Taija. 

Melbourne Royal Show Lappie entry consisted of 25 with 3 absentees. In what proved to be very typical of the Victorian state, the heavens opened and severe electric storms and flooding shut down the show (and the airport). But not before we got to show under the same Finnish Judge who recently judged Lappies for the World Dog Show in Europe. We were all very excited and had no idea what the day would have in store for us.
Mischa's grandma and Dolce's dam Emmi, whom we love and adore, finally had her moment in the sun. A runner up to the Best of Breed winner 5 years in a row, Emmi finally broke through the glass ceiling and took Best of Breed in 2011. The cheers even drowned out the thunder breaking overhead. Emmi looked very happy with herself as were her league of admirers ringside, clapping and cheering the girl of the moment.

Nike was the only junior dog and he performed effortlessly. 
Dolce spent the entire day showing off for the crowds so i was surprised he was still awake but he showed really well and took 3rd place behind 2nd placed Ahti (Mischa's brother - Armahani Bloodstone Bihci)and Larry (Janoby Kennels owned Watersege Secret Agent) taking 1st place.

Mischa was in the biggest class. 5 girls. Up against some quality bitches, Mischa showed like a true star and took 1st place. Not enough for her, and to our complete delight and surprise, she then took Reserve Challenge (2nd best bitch) behind her Grandma Emmi. It was a proud moment for me when Mischa actually ran off against her sire Alaska who took Runner Up Best of Breed. At her last Royal Show no less. Mischas grand-sire Kulta took Reserve Challenge dog to Alaska. A fitting send-off for his last Royal Show also.