Please Note:
Enquiries for one of our puppies should be from enthusiastic, engaged owners wanting to do more with their dogs. We're told our puppies have plenty of 'personality' and we wear it like a badge of honour.
We expect our pups to be quite demanding of your time, and not content with being a backyard ornament with walks once a day.

Breeder of Finnish Lapphunds, located over an hour from Melbourne, in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria, Australia.  

Caleebra are head over heels for the delightful Finnish Lapphund.
We invite you to read more About us in the following pages.

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Hopelessly devoted to this rather unique and wonderful Spitz. We've been owned by Lapphunds for over 10 years and they still find ways to surprise and amuse us.

Generally, they're a family-focused dog with a keen intellect. Most are keen to train and show off what they know as long as they're getting paid. They're also happy to skip to the end if the training becomes monotonous or if they can't see the point in continuing.
Some are more comfortable lazing on the couch, though through our selective breeding, we don't tend to get that here.
They're still a spitz breed and can fall back on those primitive roots: independent, stubborn, determined. Especially during adolescence. Without early training, living with a Lappie can be a lot of hard work. Put in that time early and you'll have a best friend for life.
They're often described as a Border Collie with an 'Off' switch. They're ready in an instant for a game, a walk, road trip or training and will settle down in the evenings to be 'nearby'. They don't want to miss a thing.
For this reason they're not great dogs to be left alone in a backyard, but need their family.
They're known for barking and digging (to keep cool in summer) but also for their addictive properties: Most owners don't stop at one.
Life is always interesting with a Lappie by your side.

There are often many km's travelled and a lot of behind the scenes training for those few minutes in the trial or show ring.
As very remiss breeders/owners, we don't keep track of all our show and sports dogs wins and qualifications. Mostly because the results don't really matter as long as they're having a good day out. 
Of course, we also have a number of wonderful, loved and adored pets keeping their owners' hearts warm and their bodies active.
To all of our puppy owners, we send a special thank you for your dedication, care, love and companionship. 

We raise our puppies using an adapted form of the Puppy Culture and Avidog protocols. Click the Heart to learn more.