UPDATE November 2020 :- Winter is expecting. Puppies will NOT be ready to leave until early February. We've been inundated and have no vacancies for pet home enquiries. Sports, show and performance homes are still invited to enquire as they get priority placements. An investment puppy may be available for co-ownership. Applications through this link.

Located in the South East suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.  

Caleebra are head over heels for the delightful Finnish Lapphund.
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Our dogs are on fire, competing across Conformation Shows, Rally, Obedience, Agility, Sled Sports, Flyball and Tricks. I'm both proud and humbled by the training time and dedication of their owners as well as their commitment to do more with their dogs.  

There are often many km's travelled and a lot of behind the scenes training for those few minutes in the trial or show ring.
As very remiss breeders/owners, we don't keep track of all our show and sports dogs wins and qualifications. Mostly because the results don't really matter as long as they're having a good day out. 
Of course, we also have a number of wonderful, loved and adored pets keeping their owners' hearts warm and their bodies active.
To all of our puppy owners, we send a special thank you for your dedication, care, love and companionship.