Our Lappie experience began with Mischa. She never had her own litter but boy did she have some epic phantoms. Her work ethic and loyalty to her family amazed me and made her a fantastic introduction to the breed. She's completely bonded to Glen and, now retired, spends most of her days chilling with him.

Summer was my very first import. Such a crazy, scary experience. But every day with her has been a blessing. She's just amazing.

Winter joined us in 2017. A Summer daughter, she just decided she wasn't leaving one day. She bewitched me and i couldn't part with her.

Neither Missy (Lapinlumon Xametti) nor Elsa (Lapinlumon Beaivvas) will be joining us in Australia. The importing experience can be difficult, and in the case of both these girls it was also emotionally heartbreaking. But they have great lives and we're grateful for that at least.


The following girls do not live at home with us but we co-own them with their families and they may contribute to our breeding program in the future.

 The following girls do not live at home with us and were retained to continue our breeding program. They have made their contribution to the gene pool in Australia and are happily living with their families across the country.