Our Lappie experience began with Mischa. She never had her own litter but boy did she have some epic phantoms. Her work ethic and loyalty to her family amazed me and made her a fantastic introduction to the breed. Mischa has since retired and lives with one of Summers sons. Bossing him around during the day and sleeping on the pillow, spread out across the bed at night.

Summer was my very first import. Such a crazy, scary experience. But every day with her has been a blessing. She's just amazing. She's now desexed 

Winter joined us in 2017. A Summer daughter, she just decided she wasn't leaving one day. She bewitched me and I couldn't part with her. Little Miss Independent and unassuming, she's so easy to own. She had litters for us in 2019 and 2020 and won't have another.

Anarchy was the puppy I couldn't give away. I mean, I tried, but no one would take her. She is pretty bonded to us now and is everything I wanted to retain from her mother Summer, but with the demanding temperament dialled way up. She's the future for us, but i'm in no hurry to breed from her. 




  • Best in Specialty Show
  • Best in Group
  • Australian Champion


  • Multiple Best in Specialty Show
  • Australian Champion
  • Australian Neuter Champion


  • RN
  • Australian Champion
  • Australian Neuter Champion


  • RE
  • NTD



The following girls have contributed to our breeding program. They have made their contribution to the gene pool in Australia and are happily living with us or their families across the country.
We only list the girls who've actually had litters for us here so that interested parties can quickly track down the mothers of our puppies. There are a few girls we co-owned who never ended up contributing to future generations. It's just how it goes.
If you were following one with interest, try to look through the 'past litters' page to find them again.

Previously co-owned