Our Males are available at stud to approved bitches once health testing is complete.
Besides Dolce, these males do not live at home with us, and are cared for by their loving families and made available at stud across the country to aid in genetic diversity of the breed population



We have individual breeding units available for sale from some of these boys. Units are available for planned matings with approved bitches. 
Semen is registered with the ANKC. No requirement to transfer ownership, No delays in registration.
Breeding units are available for $2700. This fee includes:  

  • Stud fees to the owner of the dog, 
  • Storage for up to 12 months, 
  • Transport to Monash or Wyndham vet in Victoria (or equivalent value towards interstate transport),
  • Signatures on paperwork as the 'stud owner' for litter registrations, and,
  • DNA Full Breed Testing and Profiling for disease clearance and parentage verification of puppies.

Not included: Other repro services related to insemination. Semen is currently stored in Victoria. Semen may be moved to another storage facility at buyer expense.