Summer is Coming (May 2012)

I'm so very excited to confirm that we have a new member of our Finnish Lapphund family. Very cute and adorable "Summer" comes from the well-known Lecibsin Kennels in Finland. She is out of one of my very favourite boys Lecibsin Kepponen and from a gorgeous cream dam Lecibsin Suvituuli. The process for importing a dog to Australia is quite strict and drawn out. In a nutshell Summer must be vaccinated against Rabies, have her blood tested for adequate rabies antibodies, and then a period of 180 days must elapse of which most of that can be out of Australia but a minimum of 30 days must be spent in Australian quarantine. This is the option we've elected. We chose to have Summer moved from Finland to be raised by our very dear friends in the UK. This will prolong her stay a little bit but we felt it would be better for Summer to be raised with a family environment in which they place similar values on socialisation and upbringing as we do. We are eternally grateful to Louise Wyatt and Simon Brown who under the Lumikoira prefix are home to 3 Finnish Lapphunds: Mylo (uncle to Summer), Kiva, and a bitch from the first litter under their prefix, Sassi.
Simon and Louise also operate 'Dogs to Stay', in-home dog boarding so socialisation is assured. This will not only ensure that Summer is well socialised but having Summer in the UK in the hands of a vet knowledgeable in the export/import processes will ensure that all the paperwork and customs/quarantine requirements should go  smoothly as theres no language barrier to contend with. Also means Summer will know English :) As an added bonus Simon and Louise have promised lots of photos, video and skype and have opened a Facebook Group for Summer as well as operating two webcams so we can check in on her all the time. We consider ourselves especially lucky to have Simon and Louise open their home to Summer and look forward to the future.
Summer will arrive in the UK on the 19th May and will hopefully grace Australias shores before Christmas 2012.
You can read more about Summer on her own page. There are also links to further pages with photos and information on her pedigree.