• Finnish Champion


  • Colour:Dominant Black (EE KB/ky aw/at, Bb, DD)
  • Hips:A/A
  • Eyes:Clear
  • prcd-PRA:Clear
  • GSD-II:Clear

Karhu is a handsome boy owned by Tuula Harjamaki of Mustinkulman Kennels
Tuula and I became friends in large part because she owns Summers sire, Lecibsin Kepponen. We've been friends now for years and we're often talking about and discussing Lappies: nice dogs, health results, pedigrees, diversity and other finer points about the breed. For several years I've been watching her boys grow up, including Karhu. Tuula had given me a lead on an older boy with similar lines so i hadn't taken him all that seriously in the early days. But in recent conversations, he's come up a couple of times, and I'm really pleased to be able to include such an interesting pedigree and a lovely male into my future breeding plans. As always, my eternal thanks to Tuula for supporting us and helping us realise our dreams and plans. I'm really looking forward to including Karhu in our breeding plans in a few years time


1 breeding unit available for sale from Karhu. 

Hips: A/A (108)
Elbows: 0/0
Patella: 0/0
Clear eye exams 2013, 2015, 2017
prcd-PRA: Clear/Normal
Pompes: Clear/Normal
COI(8): 3.70%


Previous litters at Mustinkulman, Lecibsin, Eisenfest, Pufflingens (Sweden), Yestas and Arctic Heros.

Semen is already registered with the ANKC. 1 unit available for use over approved bitches. $2500 which includes a stud fee back to the owner in Finland. Currently stored in Victoria. Can be moved to storage facility of your choice and registration transferred to purchaser at buyers expense.