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VALE: May 2012 - Sep 2013

Our darling puppy. 
Taken from this world far too young.

Run free precious boy. We love you.



Titan is officially a star in the heavens. Quite suitably, in the constellation 'Canis Major'.
To my wonderful friends who made this happen, i cannot thank you enough. Although many tears are shed for him still every single day, these tears will be a little less sad and full of love for the dear friends and family we've had supporting us during this time.
To know that our darling boy will be remembered forever in the heavens is quite a touching tribute and one we will always appreciate.
Thank you: Shell, Nicola, Jacq, Cherelle, Michelle, Kim, Kate, Mel, Nikki, Selene, Sophie, Arni and Sharon


When the opportunity arose to have a puppy from this combination, I could hardly believe my good fortune. Titan is a strong male puppy with great bone and easy movement. Not to mention a very solid head and a 'look at me' presence to go with his cheeky and charming temperament.
Titan is an adorable puppy who finds joy in the simple things. He likes tumbling, wrestling and playing. He is always doing little somersaults: in the garden, on the dog bed, on the couch and loves to lay on his back with his feet up in the air or resting against a wall when he takes a nap.
When he greets people or other dogs he lays his ears back against his head and wiggles his whole body like a worm and his tail goes into helicopter mode, wagging madly in all directions at once. For such a solid boy i'm not sure how he manages to look so flexible and athletic all at once.
He is our gorgeous puppy and he brings a smile to my day with his cheeky playfulness.
Titans litter proved to be fairly consistent with all of the brothers looking quite similar and Christian of Vintervidda kennels agonised over his choice, wanting a truly quality pup to represent both his kennel and our future in the breed here in Australia. 
Titan has some absolutely lovely dogs in his pedigree, starting with his sire Max, who is successfully competing in show rings throughout Europe and was an International Champion before he was 3. His dam is a gorgeous bitch, very typical of the quality at Lumiturpa. There are distant line-breeding opportunities plus the exciting addition of less common Lumiturpa lines, Dagolas Ballero and Aegirsson Duncan MacLeod whom we have been fans of for a few years and have been looking for in future lines to bring to Australia.How exciting for so much greatness to be in one little pup's pedigree. We are thrilled.
This was the first litter Max sired for Christian. Demand for this litter was high and we were truly grateful for the trust and faith shown in us by allowing one of Max's sons to travel so far.

We were very sure there were big things in Titans future but life had other plans and our precious boy was taken from us at not even 16 months old.
Our hearts ache for him every single day.