Please ensure you've read all our info across the website and definitely want to wait for a  puppy from us before you fill in this application form. 

Research the breed, the breeder and their dogs well. Know what you're getting yourself into. You're going to be spending a long time together.
There are multiple litters born across the country each year (easily over 100 puppies born each year now), covering most of the states of Australia (Not SA or NT).
Most breeders will produce 0-3 litters per year and most of us know each other's plans and can even recommend another breeder if we think they'll be a better fit.
Please read the Puppy Etiquette page if you haven't already and don't rush to jump onto everyone's waiting list.

You just want a Puppy - not a long term relationship
If you just want a puppy quickly there are several places where puppies are produced all year long. If you don't mind where your puppy comes from you should be able to find those places pretty quickly and have no trouble purchasing a puppy from them. 
If you're after a puppy in a hurry we're not the right fit for you. 

Where I'm coming from - Perspective
You probably update your mobile phone every few years and use it constantly. You may update your car once a decade, every 5 years or even more often as your needs and wants change.
A Finnish Lapphund has a life expectancy of 12-15 years with many reaching 17 years. To put it in perspective, your puppy may outlast 7 or more mobile phones and more than 2 or 3 cars. You owe it to each other to make it a good match

When no other puppy will do, then we'd love to hear from you.

After submitting your application, we may take some time to get in touch. We don't monitor our emails daily. The latest information pertaining to litters is always available on our website. 

Unless you specifically want to wait for a puppy from us you can save us both some time by making your enquiries elsewhere. If you're absolutely sure you need one of our puppies please fill in the form. 
I don't keep an official wait-list as most people don't wait and just want the first available puppy. In saying that I do currently have people who have been waiting patiently for our next litter and aren't looking anywhere else.
If you'd like to join them, please let me know

Please be advised that when we have puppies at home, they come first. Emails take a backseat and will be answered when we can. 

Puppy Application Form