Puppy Application Form

After submitting your form, we may take some time to get in touch. We don't monitor our emails daily. The latest information pertaining to litters is always available on our website. 

If for example, we're not planning a litter for a year and you contact us, we are likely not monitoring our emails very frequently and when we do, we are likely to direct you elsewhere unless you specifically want to wait for a puppy from us.
So you can save us both wasted time by making sure you absolutely need one of ours before you get in touch. 

There are multiple litters born across the country each year, covering most of the states of Australia. There are several volume producers with puppies available all year around. If you don't mind where your puppy comes from, you should have no trouble purchasing a puppy pretty quickly. If you're after a puppy in a hurry we're probably not the right fit for you. 

When no other puppy will do, then we'd love to hear from you.

Please be advised that when we have puppies at home, they come first. Emails take a backseat and will be answered when we can.