Born 1st January 2022

Date of Birth: 01-Jan-2022

We saw in the New Year welcoming the J Litter from Aslak and Mabel. All puppies are spoken for.

Mabel has a slightly softer temperament than most of our girls and we'd expect puppies from her to inherit her sweet disposition and softer personality.

This litter might better suit those less-experienced dog owners. For those wanting the fun, games and energy to keep you laughing and on your toes, these guys may be too soft.

Don't misunderstand me, she's still a working dog, and has energy and confidence. She's just softer. Her puppies will still need consistency, house rules and boundaries,
but are likely not going to be quite as resilient as our more robust puppies and not as easily motivated to train for tricks and fun games together.

Of course, now we've decided to pair her with Aslak for this litter, the temperament of the puppies could be much more resilient. 
Aslak is our handsomest import from Norway. He sired the Hearts litter for us in 2019 and we're so in love with his sweet puppies, we've decided we'd like more of his offspring to contribute to our breeding program. This is the first time we'll have actually used a stud twice, though Mabel comes from a slightly different pedigree to Winter so we're expecting some differences in the puppies.

We are seeking a co-own home for one of the females from this litter. Eventually she may be called upon to bring her own puppies into the world, further contributing to the legacy of Caleebra Lappies in Australia.

Now we've locked in a sire, possible colours are: Black and Tan, Cream, Domino.