• Best in Specialty Show
  • Best in Group
  • Australian Champion


  • Colour: Black with markings
  • Hips: 3/3
  • Elbows: 0/0
  • Eyes: Fine Iris to Iris PPM. Normal Eye exam 2021
  • prcd-PRA: Clear
  • GSD-II: Clear
  • DM: Carrier

Anarchy was not supposed to stay. She was also supposed to be a boy.
I advertised her for a show home, but no one was interested, and I couldn't just let her disappear. So she stayed.
Sometimes you get what you need before you know you needed it.
Anarchy is aptly named, I regularly call her a terrorist as she wreaks mayhem wherever she goes. In that way, she is exactly like her mother. 
She's so cheeky and always ready to have a good time. She's also a quick study and very observant. I have to be really careful as she's like a sponge, picking up everything.
She took 4 bitch challenges from her first 4 eligible shows.
Then COVID-19 struck and Victorians endured almost 2 years of lockdowns. That also wasn't part of the plan. 

She's a bigger girl, with a bigger coat to go with her big personality, and her awkward teenage phase was so much milder than I'm used to.
With everything in the right place as a puppy, I was crossing my fingers she matured out the other side just the same, and she was even better than I hoped for. I just can't believe how lucky I am to have her. 
We got back into the show ring eventually and Anarchy quickly took more Challenges, a few Best of Breeds (incredibly difficult to do in Victoria against the heavily campaigned competition here) and picked up her title at the end of 2021.

She has already outdone her mother, who arguably (and with complete bias) was a stunning bitch in her prime. Summer may have managed some big specialty wins, but she never could crack the All Breeds rings. Anarchy did. She was awarded the "BEST EXHIBIT IN GROUP" early in 2022. Could've knocked me over. I thought we'd blown it. I was busily trying to help a young junior handler in front of me to change out her lead and wasn't paying attention to the judge as she finished her individual exams and was assessing the ring. So when she called me out, I didn't understand what was happening and thought maybe she wanted us to run again. But No, we WON. Well, Anarchy WON, I just held the lead. She was pretty pleased with herself and I was thrilled with her for looking beautiful, taking it all in her stride and working hard on a hot day.

We've now moved out to the country and getting to shows is a little more difficult so Anarchy probably isn't getting the recognition she otherwise could if I lived closer and was more committed to campaigning her.

I want her to enjoy shows, but we don't do it all the time. We have other commitments besides chasing a ribbon in a show ring, She also enjoys farm life, getting muddy, chasing rabbits and possums and herding the chickens. She's living her best life most days.

Her dad is Finnish Champion Expected Snickers and her mum is Australian Champion Lecibsin Sametti. She's got a pedigree packed full of great quality dogs and some of my more obscure favourites.

She's passed all her health checks and we're reluctantly planning a litter for her. Reluctant because after a litter, mums are regularly out of the show ring for 12 months, trying to grow their coat back after giving everything to puppies. Her half-sister Winter has taken 2 years to regain coat after her last litter as the phantom pregnancies in between also do a number on her coat. Her mother was almost as bad, I'm expecting Anarchy will be similar. So I put it off, trying to make the most of a 'good show year' out of lockdowns to see what we could do together.