Updated May 2020:  Our next litter plan is not until the end of the year. Winter will be having our next litter. Her seasons are a little less predictable as she used to come in at the same time as Summer but since Summer is desexed her latest one was 'late'.
So we're tentatively expecting her in season in August, puppies late October and to their homes late December. I'm still deciding on 1 of 3 sires: one is wolf sable, one is black and tan. Likely colours are Black and Tan and possibly Wolf sable. No cream, domino or brown.

There are plenty of puppies being born around the country all the time including 2 volume producers who have puppies all year round. You can find them on Dogzonline.com.au.
When no other puppy will do, we encourage you to get in touch.

Are you interested in the future of our breed? Interested in helping us get there?

We do have some exciting plans in the works over the next few years and we need passionate owners to help support and realise our dreams and perhaps eventually become as invested in our dreams as we are.

Naturally each and every single one of our puppies is precious to us, but in each litter we're trying to achieve something: usually a combination of breed (genetic) diversity, health and temperament to help the breed move forward in the years ahead. We can't do it on our own, however, as we'd eventually become overrun with dogs and each of them deserves enough love and attention to thrive on their own. So we're looking for passionate and committed owners, fully supported by us for the lifetime of the puppy (as with all our puppies) but who will have a few more requirements placed on them than the average pet puppy. Investment Puppies will need to remain entire for approximately 3 years, and subject to non-invasive health, temperament and conformation testing, and by mutual agreement with their owners, would be chosen to continue the legacy and become the future of the breed. For Females, this would require them to have a litter. Males could be collected from at a vet or used at stud (externally or for us) with the owners compensated for their time and effort.

We've successfully used this arrangement a number of times already and would be happy to refer you to our puppy owners to recount their own experiences. Two of our males have been used at external stud (fully supported and organised by us), two of our homebred girls have returned to us for litters and other girls have been selected to become the foundation of their owners own kennel. To continue the breed under a different name, but still supported by us.

If you are at all interested in assisting with the future growth of the Finnish Lapphund breed in Australia, you are encouraged to get in touch with us or any registered breeder you connect with.

LITTER PLANS - When we have plans they're listed below.