Recapping Sep 2017 - Feb 2018

Well we had quite a busy second half of the year and i fell well behind with updates so i'll recap briefly.

We welcomed our Guardians of the Galaxy Litter in early September. 6 gorgeous puppies from Lexie and Tiltti: 4 girls and 2 boys. They ventured off to new homes at the end of October, except for Nebula who stayed with us an extra couple of weeks before her flight to New Zealand. You can find more about the litter on their own page

The FLCV specialty show was the first week of November. Nothing significant for us to report there. Summer decided to do a massive coat drop just before and looked like she'd just whelped a litter.
Winter had just come into season for the first time and was really not feeling it either. Poor little poppet was so flat. It was awful timing after so many years waiting for this show.
Zeke (F), Vegas (D), Fenix (A) and an in-season Winter (F) were all present but weren't to the judges flavour.
However they all had a great day and enjoyed the cuddles, treats and socialising immensely. We had Nebula with us for her final days before she flew to New Zealand so it was a great day out for her as well 

We moved house. Not a small undertaking on ones own. We moved states and it took several days for our furniture to arrive. We're still unpacking.

We also managed to attend 2 shows, the first for little Aura from our Guardians litter. She was awarded 2 Baby Puppy in Groups in her first 2 weekends showing. She's gorgeous and we're so happy to be able to spend time with her. Winter and Summer also shared the Best Bitch win over 2 shows.

Because we weren't busy enough moving, we welcomed our Character litter just before NYE from Alleria and Kassu. 6 puppies: 4 boys and 2 girls. As this is only the 2nd litter in Australia to produce Sable puppies, overnight, we doubled the population of Sable Finnish Lapphunds in Australia. From this litter, 2 surprise keepers who will have their own pages just as soon as i can get myself organised.

We sent the puppies home just in time for the Canberra Royal, where in absolutely torrential conditions, Summer pulled off a 25 Point Best of Breed. We were thoroughly soaked and flooded. We sent all the other dogs home, and most of the exhibitors didn't stay either, but we waited the 6 hours with a dozen towels, a borrowed dryer and a change of clothes, to represent the Lappies in the Best in Group lineup. Unsurprisingly, Summer was completely over it by then but she did her best and went home with a packet of Chicken Nuggets to share and had a great sleep after getting another dry off.

Mish had to have surgery on a small lump in her mouth. It's nothing serious but will continue to grow and become uncomfortable for her. Hopefully we got enough of it this time to stop it coming back.
But unfortunately thats pretty much ended her show career, so she eases into retirement.

Photos: Top row: Lexie and Rockette, Guardians of the Galaxy Litter: Girls, Boys
Row 2: Guardians puppies: Mantis, StarLord and Drax, Nebula in the garden, Aslak winning Best Open in Show
Row 3: Mother - Daughter team win Best Bitch at first shows in Canberra. Aura with her first Baby Puppy in Group ribbon, The Character litter.
Row 4: Character Litter at 3 and 4 weeks old, Summer awarded BEST of BREED at Canberra Royal 2018