First half of 2019 Titles and Awards

My goodness our puppies and their owners have been BUSY!

I was well behind on my news updates and thought i'd "quickly" accrue a list of highlights. It's quite a list.


Lexie earns her Neuter Champion Title. She took a bunch of Neuter in Show and Neuter in Group wins along the way too. Her newfound excitement about shows has a lot to do with the awesome treats on offer for really just standing still and trotting in a circle sometimes. Its 'Easy Money' for Lexie. She even enjoys the pamper sessions that go along with it. Except the nail cutting. She opts out of that every time.


Lexie earned that elusive last pass to earn her Rally Advanced Title. Lexie gets distracted by the possibilities of rabbits in the bushes that even gusts of wind that rustle the bushes have her ears pricked and Jeanette working double time to bring her back.
She also really enjoys Lure Coursing, and its no wonder when the desire to chase is so strong. We're so proud she finally pulled it together long enough to get that final pass. Way to go.

Eva earnt her Jumping Dog Title. The quiet achievers: Wendy and Eva surprise me with results like this over and over again and i'm so glad that Eva has Wendy and her daughter Kiera who love teaching her and taking her to all these trials and events. 


Both Vegas and Jaina earnt their Champion show titles. Vegas once again flew in to Bundaberg for their Easter shows with Kira as i had all the girls (including Kira's girl Vader) at home here in season with mating plans underway for them.
I'd given up on my girls and decided i was going to Bundy this year for sure. So of course the girls finally came into season 2 months later (probably delayed due to our move). So i stayed home and Vegas and Kira went and showed their socks off as well.

Jaina decided to drop her coat but Leah was determined, and pulled off the last needed points for Jaina to earn her title. Of course she's since been out of coat for months, but Leahs not concerned anymore as she's started on Jaina's flyball foundations.


Eva and Wendy were at it again, earning not only an Endurance Title (20km with several stops for a dodgy bike chain or toilet breaks which had them racing to resume their position in the lineup) but also that scary CCD (Obedience) title. Like many of us, the Obedience trialling ring is not frequented by Lappies. Especially mine, who appreciate the chatter that goes along with Rally and either get concerned or switch off when the people aren't allowed to talk to them. Obedience is hard, y'all. But they did it.


Kova earnt his title in style, going Runner up Best Exhibit in Group. Over the moon for the Nicole and Kova team. They've been working so hard and this was such a high.
Tawnee earnt a Snooker Dog Agility title. Really this was amazing as she had a litter of pups in April and her comeback from babies was amazing. 
Aslak earnt his Junior Courser (Lure Coursing) Title. He also went on to eventually be crowned Fastest Lappie in Australia in the Battle of the States Lure Coursing Challenge. Way to go Assy.

That wraps up the first half of the year. 
What a list!